castiel meme favorite quotes about castiel (6/6)
» “You think I didn’t notice? You are broken, Castiel. You were always a bit of a nancy, but this? You have gone full wuss. I don’t know what it was that happened, but whatever it was, you are scarred… deep. Paralyzed by trauma, by fear. I mean, look at you. You can’t even hit me! Okay. So I misjudged. You’re not scared. You’re mad. And I get it. I mean, it must suck being everyone’s tool. Manipulated and used by the angels, by your enemies, by your friends. You thought if you could get your grace back, it would help fix you, but it hasn’t! Who do you have to thank for how angry you are, how lost? You’re welcome.” — Metatron, 11.06


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