The First and the Last || DCBB 2016 || Art Masterpost

The soul bomb doesn’t work, and God is going to die,
but Amara has a soft spot for Dean. She gives him the gift of time: the
end of the world will be slow.

Dean, Cas, and Sam travel the
country in the breaking-down Impala to get in one last road trip and
help their scattered friends wherever they can. Between looted gas
stations and empty motels without wi-fi, monsters even more monstrous
than usual, and heat so stifling not even Dean can wear more than one
layer, they’re fucked.

Unless they’re not. Unless Billie the
reaper is right and Cas has something amazing up his sleeve. Dean just
has to get his head out of his ass and accept that the power of love
might not be a total load of crap after all.

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hey this is my story and i’d be stoked if you checked it out! also this amazing art by an amazing person!

This was a great read. Thank you for making me feel things. Also, beautiful art.


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