So I finally got to watch the See No Evil teaser. And is it just me or does it look like yet again Cas gets beat up really bad? and it looks like the guy doing it was twisting an angel blade? do you really think they would go as far as to kill Cas again? idk just that small little clip, and the stomach (( which I’m pretty sure is cas/misha )) and that line about not letting any of the Winchester die. Just has me super worried. Do you think spn would risk kill off the one character saving them?

Yeah, Cas gets beat up really bad, but we also see Dean (and I think Sam) fighting the guy doing it. I’m pretty sure they’re not killing Cas, I mean Misha was filming 12×15 so… also, remember that there are also cas flashbacks in one of the next episodes. So don’t worry before we get the real thing 🙂 
Now, i’m not in the writing room, nor I’m in Dabb’s head, but I believe that unless Misha himself leaves the show, they’re not doing the mistake of killing Cas ever again. There’s a big part of this fandom that watches the show for Misha, and also many casuals like Castiel. Last season we even got God saying that he keeps bringing Cas back because Sam and Dean need him. And if God (aka who writes this show) has taken a special interest in Cas and won’t let him die…… 😉
The show goes on because of the fans, I don’t think they would kill off a fan favorite at this point. 


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