I just wanted to share my thoughts with you about Cas and that vamp hunt because I agree with you. I see why people are disappointed that he couldn’t work the case, but at the same time, he’s been wallowing in a depression/self loathing. Someone in that mental/emotional state isn’t gonna give their best performances. Emotions affect him way more than before. & This is the same guy who just recently got a door slammed in his face trying to talk to someone while getting info for the Luci case 1/2

There’s a strong social aspect when it comes to hunting and while Cas is more than capable of taking down these monsters, it’s the social interactions in finding that info he’s still learning. And it certainly doesn’t help when he’s distracted and wracking his brain with how to save the boys and how he believes he’s the blame for everything that happened. Cas is not weak or stupid. This is just more evidence that Cas isn’t fine. Anyway, just my two cents. Feel free to ignore this rambling! 2/2

I have nothing to add, this is all I wanted to say. 


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