ha risposto al tuo post

ha risposto al tuo post “it hurts my very being when i…”

omg, yes exactly, it’s so damn upsetting seeing comments like this. The two things should not be associated together. I understand that not everyone gets it, but it does hurt. especially because castiel needs the recognition in any way possible, inside and outside the show. (although inside the show wold be more appreciated. god i hate the writers)

this show has always had problems dealing with mental illness and addiction etc. most of the times they use them as plot devices just to drop them when they’re not needed anymore, so people don’t give them too much relevance.   i was really upset when chuck ignored cas or the 11×23 scene with dean seemed to be the end of the “winchesters take cas for granted” thing, but maybe i was wrong. it wasn’t the end of it. i think people were right when they thought cas’ reaction to dean’s speech wasn’t that enthusiastic. 
as for the recognition, cas saving the winchesters once again (maybe condemning himself to something worse) and saying how much he cares about them sends a strong message to the “outside” (in fact, cas haters literally chose to forget that cas was in even in this episode). 
i want, i need to see a reverse “you mean too much to me” scene IN the show, so that i can tattoo the actual line on my forehead and show it off whenever i talk to a bronly. 


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