What’s your opinion on cast input towards characters? Like Misha seems to get p in depth sometimes about how Cas feels about Dean but Jensen (from the interviews I’ve seen) doesnt really have much comment on it? I always feel like the cast inputting on their characters is a big deal since they’re in their character’s headspace. Thoughts?

Uhm i don’t really keep up with our cast input towards characters because I find it misleading most of the times. Ultimately, I trust and enjoy what I get to see on my TV.
Writers, directors, editors, actors are all trying to convey a story, to get the full picture you have to see the final product.
Actors’ insight IS interesting, after all they have contributed hugely to the creation of their characters’ image and their quirks, and they get to have a say when they’re filming scenes. Still, they probably still miss a lot of what’s going on with the story. I’m not even sure if they watch all episodes, because sometimes when they talk they clearly have diverging ideas on where the story is going. Like, they’ll say A and the story says B.
The fact that they’re in the character’s headspace doesn’t mean that their interpretation is the only certified™ interpretation. 
Text doesn’t exist in a void. 
Both Misha and Jensen have talked about Dean and Cas’ relationshio, maybe Misha goes more in depth, but Jensen really values Dean’s friendship with Cas and knows how much Cas is important to Dean. 

He’s also directed episodes with deancas scenes, and they were pretty intense.
He may reject a romantic interpretation of their relationship (for various reasons), but ultimately that won’t be his call to make.
Jensen is… particular, I take whatever he says about Dean or deancas with a grain of salt, because many times he says something and then we get something else.
Still, he likes Cas and knows that Dean cares about him a lot. He was the one who decided to save the trench coat in 7×02, for example. At JIB7 he said that Dean was really worried for Cas’ fate, because if something bad happened to Cas he couldn’t live with that easily (after all, we already saw this during s7).
No matter what he says, he KNOWS that relationship is important to Dean.
More than his words, trust his acting choices. 
Misha may be more aware of how Cas feels about Dean, but imo his character has been written in a less subtle way when it comes to his devotion/affection towards Dean. He got notes of acting as a “jilted lover” for 9×06, he’s had to deliver extremely emotional lines with not-so-platonic undertones, plus he’s a guy who’s not afraid to make 2+2 in front of an audience. 
I also feel like Jensen is more concerned about how his replies will be received by fans, so he tries not to give answers that could cause huge storms. He fails because he’s not really in touch with his fandom and fandom in general. 
But he does talk about Dean and Cas’ relationship, and you can also see that he knows how much those two mean to each other from his portrayal of Dean.
I apologize for the length of this reply, but in short, I think actors’ insight is interesting and meaningful, but ultimately what you see when you watch the show is what you get. 🙂


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