He’s got a halo so bright
its light pierces through the heavens
to set the cities below on fire,
their ashes breathing new life into old soil;

He’s got galaxies in his eyes
with stars glittering brightly,
their light reflecting off the moon
and illuminating night skies;

He’s got a voice so commanding
the earth shakes and crumbles
while glass shatters and splinters,
leaving trails of scarlet crystals in his wake;

He’s got wings so dark, so black
even the deepest depth of the ocean
and the farthest corner of the universe
could not envelop them;

He’s got rage like thunder
and the presence of a hurricane,
but his touch is like lightning –
with a heat so intense and an atmosphere so electric,
only a holy being with a cloudless heart could hold such power.

I bet even the stars envy his light // n.s.

Supernatural Poetry Challenge | adoringjensen vs poemwriter98

Prompt: lightning
Pairing: none
Tags: Castiel

(via adoringjensen)


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