This fight between dean and cas means that at some point during the next ep they’ll going to talk things out right? Right? I’m really hoping for a nice conversation between those two


I hope so! I’m hoping a combination of last episode making it really clear where we (still) are with Cas’s issues and having an actual disruptive argument between them means that the emotional subplot is heading in that general direction. 

Can’t make any promises it won’t be a blow up fight, and, say, Cas leaves for a couple of episodes for that reason, but hopefully somewhere along the way we get this all worked out, at least as much as anything ever gets worked out on the show 😛 

They’re deep in the misunderstandings and apparently now wilful misunderstandings phase of a fight, because if they weren’t they’d already be trying to talk it out and understand 😛 I’m so excited to see what is shown on screen to get them that sulky with each other. If Mary’s not in the episode then they’ll at least have sulked on it on the way back to the Bunker, and then plus any other intervening time in the episode. Dean’s got to suck it up and ask what that “You’re welcome” was all about eventually, right??? 😛


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