did you notice that when cas said to the angels in the diner that he was impressed that they kept their vessels, and then ishim said “i like the old you better” and cas looked down at his body? HIS VESSEL? like he was looking at a three piece suit that someone said wasn’t as good as his old one? this ep really reminded us as an audience that angels don’t have bodies or genders and are literally in meat suits. like, ishim basically said he liked his old body as a woman than now. I CANT

yeah, i would like to thank steve yockey for making this explicit in a non-offensive way. like, THANK YOU. THANK. YOU. 
also, cas has a special connection to his actual vessel. god has remade it specifically for him, and he has called it “my body” in at least one occasion.
so i guess he was also a bit offended by ishim’s remark.


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