Can i just say i love your blog so much! So many people in the fandom are so negative and you are a breath of fresh air:) I have had to unfollow so many people because all they do is complain about the new episodes or about ships. Personally i am a huge multi-shipper, there are just so many great pairings on the show either canon or not Also you show all three boys equal love and i feel like a lot of people don’t they always choose one or two of the three as their favorite which can be annoying.

thank you! well, i do complain sometimes (mostly after buckleming episodes haha). mostly, i criticize aspects of the show i find sloppy or problematic. i can be pretty annoying (imo), even if it’s all properly tagged. 
but, yes, i do love our boys! i believe everyone’s allowed to have a favorite (and I do have my preferences…), but i am glad this is the blog you were looking for! what can i say, i am a team free will girl 🙂 no doubt about it!
hope you enjoy your stay!!! and thank you again!  


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