well, if u hate ur theme u could use theme-hunter to find a new one? They have tons of themes you can search through… idk if you’ll see one u like but it’s a start?

thank you for the rec, i’ll have a look! 🙂


Do you think they’re gonna kill Cas? I’m so worried about that.

You mean in 12×12? Cas is back in 12×15 and 12×19, so… I don’t know what’s going to happen, and Cas seems badly hurt, but he’s not dying. For good. 
Don’t worry. 😉

Do you ever think about how important it would be if destiel were to actually become canon? How happy it would make tons of fans, how many new people would flock to the show, how much it would get talked about (especially in the climate of the world today)? How supernatural would be remembered for telling one of the greatest, slowest-burning, most painful love stories in tv history? I can’t see how the negative things would outweigh the positive and sometimes I really think about it and I cRY.

ah, don’t tell me! you all know how i feel about deancas… it’s not just a ship. i think it would be a beautiful story, meaningful in these difficult times, and it would actually make sense? like, the show has been building up to something (whether consciously or not). but ultimately, it’s the writers’ choice. 

hello! i absolutely love your gifs especially the ones for the most recent spn episode. i was wondering if you have time & if you don’t mind if you could please make a gifset w/ destiel parallels. i noticed the 12.10 scene where ishim tells dean to risk hurting cas by banishing him & cas is similar to: the 10.22 scene where dean beats up cas while cas is bloody on the ground, & the 11.21 scene where amara shows bloody cas to dean through a vision. sorry if it’s too confusing, thanks :)

hi! it’s not confusing, but unfortunately im not taking requests and i’ve also stopped making gifs of the 10×22 scene (i definitely saw a gifset floating around + meta, because the scenes were definitely similar and, same director). so if you could ask anyone else, it would be great! 
im really sorry, hope this is okay.

Like here’s my thing is that it’s deadass Canon that Cas is in love w/Dean and even if Dean isn’t in love with Cas, Cas’s love of “humanity” (DEAN) can only be brought up so many times before it has to be acknowledged/talked about in full context so like haters can hate but at least on Cas’s end, there’s strong romantic feelings there. It’s been said “in love”. Not just “love”. Same word with 2 very different meanings.

i agree, even if i think we’ve gotten some strong signals from dean’s side too. purgatory and s8, the colette parallel, what happened with amara, this episode. they’re more subtle maybe (and, unfortunately, alternated with unhappy writing and bad choices), but they’re still there.