well, if u hate ur theme u could use theme-hunter to find a new one? They have tons of themes you can search through… idk if you’ll see one u like but it’s a start?

thank you for the rec, i’ll have a look! 🙂


I got a bunch of anons I’d rather not publish to preserve some peace on this blog (let’s try to avoid insulting anyone here okay?), but, yes. One can complain in private and without dragging people in the mud.
When I was in Vegas last summer, there was this dude who called the casino manager because the croupier had made a big mistake, like BIG, the one that makes you lose money. They solved the problem pretty fast and everyone went on with their lives. (I hope)
Now, I don’t know what this man has done to upset Jared so much, but that picture is so… ugly, I just hope he deletes it.

i love how he can tweet about petty shit but when it came to the election it was radio silence, good to know where his priorities are lol

I don’t want to delve into this discussion, I’ll leave it to his American fans who have every right to be upset about that.
Ill just say, he’s no regular dude, he has a big following, and we all know he has some pretty rabid fans. He must learn to be more careful.
I hope the people who are close to him will help him realize this.