well, if u hate ur theme u could use theme-hunter to find a new one? They have tons of themes you can search through… idk if you’ll see one u like but it’s a start?

thank you for the rec, i’ll have a look! 🙂


hey! so I wanted to say that i love your blog, (you’re really cool ok) and I just decided to convert my old band blog into a mostly spn blog bc that’s what it was turning into anyways… The thing is, I don’t follow that many spn blogs and I was hoping you could make me a list of your favorites!! Thank you so much and I hope you have a lovely day 💕x bia


aaahh !! thank you so much °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° 

but o shit boi sit back and lemme help u out


while this is a lot (like wow so many) this is definitely not everyone i follow so be sure to check out my blogroll for a more complete list of who i follow c: 

heya. i saw you reblog that gf of misha fromthe movie karla, and i figured i would let you know that misha has asked everyone to not give the movie any attention or watch it. i read some articles about how the director was sexually harassing the actors and how being on the set was very unprofessional and abusive, and yeah, i just figure i would mention it in case you didn’t know.

Thank you! I know about Karla and how terrible it was for Misha and – just everyone involved, but I swear I hadn’t realized that the gif was from that. So thank you for warning me, I really appreciate it.